Jessica Schroeter

Jessica Schroeter, Untitled, 2008. Oil on canvas, 60x90 cm.
Image reproduced courtesy of the artist.

Jessica Schroeter is currently undertaking a Master of Visual Arts at the University of Ballarat. Schroeter's abstractions source place. The physical space to the distant horizon, the weathered surfaces and cracks of paths and roadways, the random marking and natural erosion that can convey a sense of history within the urban environment converge and filter into her conscious memory during the act of painting. The resulting distilled images often have a personal childhood association - a place known. Schroeter is a young artist who has already been involved in several significant group exhibitions and in 2009 held, Detour, a solo exhibition at the University of Ballarat Post Office Gallery. She is a member of the Golden Key Society and in 2007 was awarded the Adrienne Guy Award for excellence within arts at the University of Ballarat.