Dawn Whitehand

 Dawn Whitehand, Rocks, 2009. Wheelthrown and manipulated clay, volcanic glaze, dimensions variable.

Detail of Rocks, 2009.

Dawn Whitehand, Balance, 2008. Wheelthrown and manipulated clay. Pit Fired and wax polish and unglazed raku clay, 33x13x14 cm.
Images reproduced courtesy of the artist.

The vulnerability of the environment is a major theme for ceramicist, Dawn Whitehand, whose sculptures can also incorporate both organic and 'found' textural objects. Whitehand sees clay as 'the skin of the Earth' and her works gain power when presented within the natural environment. Whitehand achieved First Class Honours (H1) in 2004 and a Doctor of Philosophy, Visual Arts, 2009, at the University of Ballarat.  Whitehand has several peer reviewed publications to her credit along with numerous juried group exhibitions and scholarships, including a University of Ballarat Research Scholarship, 2006, and the AGL Shaw Summer Research Fellowship at the State Library of Victoria, 2009. Dawn will undertake the A.I.R. Vallauris, Artist in Residence, Vallauris, France in 2010. The work arising from this residency will be exhibited at her first solo exhibition at Red Gallery, Melbourne, in April, 2010. Dawn is represented by Port Art in Port Melbourne, Wolf at the Door in Hepburn Springs and Scope Galleries in Warrnambool. Her work can be found at the Ballarat Regional Gallery and in private collections including the Kakunaka Corporation, Japan.