Que des femmes…

Biennale internationale d’art non objectif à Pont-de-Claix
Curated by Roland Orepük

On September 18, an exhibition was inaugurated at the Villancourt mills of nineteen painters, women, from the abstract art movement called "non-objective art".

The artistic director of this 6th biennial is Roland Orepük. The title, “que des femmes…”

Selected exhibition images

Gladys Nistor (ar - fr)

Karin Beyens (be)

Christine Myerscough (au)

Munira Naqui (us)

Arleta Cehic (bih)

Marinda Vandenheede (be)

Valerie Brennan (ie - cy)

Evelyn Snoek (nl)

Molly Thompson (uk)

Giovanna Strada (it)

Eva Myrdal Linstow (dk)

Carol McMahon (us)