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Jessi Wong

Jules Lambe, Director of Gaffer Ltd Hong Kong (L) with Jessi Wong at her Northcote studio (R)

One of the scroll works Jessi Wong is preparing for her solo at Art Central, Hong Kong.

I spent time yesterday with Melbourne artist, Jessi Wong and Jules Lambe from Gaffer Ltd as they documented Jessi's work at her Northcote studio for Art Central, March 14-16, to coincide with Art Basel, Hong Kong.

Jessi's landscapes are an interesting intercept between traditional Chinese woodblock printing on rice paper presented in contemporary box framing. The effect is a wall (curtain or reams of fabric) of hand painted ink scrolls revealing glimpses of the landscape. The composition is presented through the visible folds rather than the traditional vista. The strata - almost. The 'picture' as not fully visible is symbolic, perhaps, of our knowledge of the earth.

Jessi Wong is represented Gaffer Ltd, Hong Kong, and Anita Traverso Gallery in Melbourne.