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Colour/Field Two

Opening May 17, 6 pm
Cross Gallery

Installation at Cross Gallery

Including works by 

Roland Orépük 
Louise Blyton 
Louise Gresswell 
Steffen Schiemann
Marlene Sarroff 
Christian Flynn 
Jo Katsiaris 
Brent Hallard 
Nicolo Baraggioli 
Deb Covell 
Stuart Fineman 
Terri Brooks 
Beverly Rautenberg 
Simon Kilvert 
Louise Tuckwell 

Featured artist Roland Orépük based in France

Roland Orépük installation at Cross Gallery

Roland Orépük's installation Outside Wall Work, at Factory 49 in Sydney, 2008

In south-east Queensland in the town of Bundaberg Clinton Cross is running a gallery which has consistently shown leading artists, particularly in the area of non-objective, reductive and abstract art. Not only leading Australian artists but also leading international artists in this field including 
Roland Orépük featured here. Clinton an artist himself is passionate about art in the best way and has his eye on what is exciting in the art world. Please look up and support his gallery either on instagram @crossgallerybundaberg or on the web Clinton's gallery is the only Australian gallery I am aware of with such a continuous line up of leading international artists.

Colour Field Two features national artists as well as artists from France, Germany, America, Britain and Italy.