Jackie Saccoccio

 Vale Jackie Saccoccio, American abstract artist, 1963-2020 

Jackie Saccoccio

“The process,” Saccoccio once told Artadia of one painting based on Shakespeare’s The Tempest, “accentuates the alchemical play that occurs between the mediums of the individual colors, and, I hope, reflects the conceptual nature of the paintings, sweeping through vertiginous vacuums and implosions and the explosive nature of a tempest.” Excerpt ARTnews, Dec 5

Portrait (Peripheral), 2018, oil and mica on linen,144.8 x 114.3 cm.

Swarm, 2019, oil and mica on linen, 269.2 x 200.7 cm.

Painting images Van Diren Waxter website: https://www.vandorenwaxter.com/

Kate Briscoe

Harvesting Raindrops
To November 7
Art Atrium


Limestone Rockface – Geikie Gorge #4,mixed media on canvas, 101 x 101 cm.

‘As an artist I have always viewed landscapes in terms of structure, form and textures, from a geological perspective.’ Kate Briscoe 

Installation images

Michael Cusack

All of days
To November 7
Olsen Annex

‘Every word is like an unnecessary stain on silence and nothingness’ – Samuel Beckett

Urbino, 2020, enamel on masonite, 36 x 30 cm.

Quiet Time, 2020, enamel on masonite, 36 x 30 cm.

I Can't Make You Love Me, 2020, enamel on masonite, 36 x 30 cm.

Ampere, 2020, enamel on masonite, 51.5 x 44.5 cm.

‘...As a devotee of literary figure and fellow countryman Samuel Beckett, the Irish-born Cusack’s erasure action embodies Beckett’s frequent mandate of ‘less is more’. Reborn from this new energy, the paintings become framed with irregular edges, remodelled by hollows and marks and radically altered through the humble economy of artistic means’ excerpt Sharne Wolff

Black or White

International group exhibition
September - October
Cross Gallery

Selected images via Cross Gallery: 

Installation image by John Learmonth

Installation image by John Learmonth

 Marlene Sarroff

Ulla Pedersen

Michael Cusack

Rose Moxham

Danica Firulovic

Bryce Aston

Kirsten Schroder

Fukuko Harris

Dani Marti

To September 6
Dominik Mersch Gallery 

Blanket, 2004-2020, venetian blind cords and powder coated steel and aluminium base, 144 x 115 x 23 cm (Gallery website)

‘Dani Marti’s new works speak of the ‘between’ that exists in minimalist art, within both the fine, stream-like drawings of Agnes Martin and the solid presence of Donald Judd. Marti’s use of ropes, reflectors and beads stretches the very physical act of weaving across multiple surfaces.’ Excerpt gallery website.

Between, 2020, polyester and polypropylene rope on polished aluminium frame, 65 x 65 x 11 cm x 4 

Dani Marti artist talk Domink Mersch Gallery

Eleanor Louise Butt

Porthmeor Studio 5 paintings
To September 6
Nicholas Thompson Gallery

Yellow blocked out sketch on brown ground, 2019, oil on cotton 127 x 100 cm.


Installation image (Eleanor Louise Butt).

‘Butt’s very specific technique, in which she loads her brush with paint and drags it across the surface of the canvas, charges her paintings with tension - a kind of push and pull between transparency and opacity.’ Excerpt, exhibition essay by Amelia Winata

Artist Profile Magazine

Samara Adamson-Pinczewski

Sinuous Spheres
29 August - 10 October
Charles Nodrum Gallery

Around the Corner 6, 2020. Acrylic, iridescent acrylic and fluorescent acrylic with UV Topcoat
on ABS resin (SLA), 42 x 75 x 40 cm, from two angles.

Ron Gorchov


Pierrot, 1979, oil on linen canvas, 152 × 152 cm (Artsy)

‘Since 1967, Gorchov created canvases that are curved in such a way that they arc away from the wall, jutting toward the viewer in a manner that lends them a sculptural quality. Sometimes, the paintings appeared in monumental stacks, running up tall walls. Works of the kind have accrued a cult following in New York, where Gorchov was long based, with curator Robert Storr among his most vocal proponents.’ Artnews website 

Ron Gorchov

I was fortunate to see Gorchov’s work at Frieze Art Fair, London, 2015. It didn’t disappoint. I particularly love his singular focus over a lifetime leading to completely original work. 

Installation image, Cheim and Read

Image: ; 

John Nixon


‘John Nixon is Australia’s most influential conceptual artist, exhibiting nationally and internationally since the mid-1970s. Nixon attended the National Gallery of Victoria Art School in Melbourne (1969-1970), establishing a reputation for his minimalist abstract paintings from the early 1970s.’ Ocula

Untitled (Red and White Cross), 2014, Enamel and wood on canvas, 25 × 25 cm (Image Artsy)

As an art student I chose John Nixon to interview for Art Theory. I’ll always remember the length of time he spoke to me at little notice about all things including how his work related to both Russian Constructivism and Australian culture. At the time he was sitting his solo exhibition (artist run space) in Hardware Lane, Melbourne, 1980s.

Steven Harvey

Under Beckett's Bridge
30 July - 22 August 2020
Liverpool Street Gallery


Dusk Painting no. 2, 2020, acrylic on compressed cement 180 x 144.5 cm (diptych)

Installation image

Shadow and Light Forms - Unrendered Room no.1, 2020, acrylic on compressed cement, 29 x 39 cm.

Images Liverpool Street Gallery