Ron Gorchov and Otis Jones

To 27/02/2021
Fondation CAB
32-34 Rue Borrens
1050 Brussels

‘In the 1960s, at the height of minimalism, Ron Gorchov and Otis Jones hijacked the total purification of the object to inject the canvas with a newfound vitality...

The exhibition retraces the related journeys of two artists who have marked the turn of the 21st century with ever-evolving artistic practices that are striking in their consistency as they are in their porosity...

Gorchov and Jones radically opposed the concept of “perfection” in art that reigned at the time, and didn’t hesitate to render the creative process visible and tangible in works that assimilate accident and chance...’ excerpt CAB website

Ron Gorchov and Otis Jones, Fondation CAB

Ron Gorchov

Otis Jones