Raymond Carter

An Imaginary Constellation
03.04.18 – 20.04.18
Five Walls Projects

1/119 Hopkins St., Footscray 

Installation detail: ‘An Imaginary Constellation’installed at Five Walls. Medium: tape on MDF board.

‘An Imaginary Constellation describes the illusion of a connection between groups of separate objects. Constellations were the creation of schematic patterns by linking stars of varying sizes, colours and brightness. Constellations appear to travel across the sky according to the movement of our planetary circuit and their location was seasonally specific...

In my multi-panel installation, I have made an Imaginary Constellation exploring interactions between the coloured highlights and the repeated alternating vertical and horizontal background pattern. The radiating coloured lines combine to form diagonal grid-like array apparently randomly scattered across the field. Based on pattern and chance relationships the constellation can be viewed as a positive or negative schema.’ Excerpt Raymond Carter, 2019