Marlene Sarroff

365 Days: You get what you choose

To April 23
BSA Project Space
Mullumbimby NSW

An installation of 365 works created over 365 days.

Installation at Byron School of art

From 'You get what you choose', Byron School of Art.

‘The result is a culmination of a disciplined daily practice of making an artwork everyday, incorporating a multi-media process, combining Social Media, Technology and Art. Instagram is an important component in the creation of the project, the works were posted daily. Each day is different and presents a spontaneous creation pertaining to the day of the artist.

The work is made from a diverse range of found things. It is an investigation of the ordinary from the perspective of the found - be it the rejected, the disposable, the overlooked that becomes an intrinsic part of the creative process and through the method of Assemblage the work is created.’ Excerpt artist statement Marlene Sarroff 2019.