Shades of Grey

Shades of Grey 3
17 August - 24 September
OPENING Thursday August 17 6.30-8pm

Kim Anderson, TJ Bateson, Louise Blyton, Elisabeth Bodey, Terri Brooks, Raymond Carter,
Magda Cebokli, Kubota Fumikazu, Louise Gresswell, PJ Hickman, Oliver Hutchison,
Shelley Jardine, Wendy Kelly, Emma Langridge, Shannon McGrath/Marcus Piper,
Peter Summers, Wilma Tabacco, Graeme Thompson, Tom Vincent, Andrew Weatherill,
Ian Wells, Katherine Westfold.

123a Gipps Street

Many of the artists take a meditative, immersive approach to their practice, performing repetitive or incremental actions to form work using a generative or accretive method. Form and line may relate to music, syncopation, a mapping or charting of time, space and place. Others take meditative thought and ideas as their subject, exploring and employing notions of mindfulness and transcendence. Still others provide a space of clarity and contemplation. offering a respite for the eyes and mind.

The expansive interval between hand and eye, marks made and perceived is explored and presented in myriad forms, providing a location for silent reflection.

Selected installation photos:

Peter Summers

PJ Hickman

Louise Blyton

TJ Bateson


Kathy Westfold

Emma Langridge

Ray Carter

Kelly Jardine