Group Formalism

Craig Easton

PJ Hickman artist talk

PJ Hickman

Peter Adsett

Peter Adsett

Antonia Sellbach

Peter Summers

Aaron Martin

Robin Kingston

Denise Green

'Group Formalism', Bundoora Homestead, Northern Melbourne to June 18.

'Group Formalism brings together artists who explore abstraction and formalism, often in reductive ways through colour, symbols, line, shape and texture. The exhibition seeks to question to what extent our perception of the world and indeed abstraction, is governed by our own personal and subjective triggers. It also examines the role of language and semiotics in the development and appreciation of abstraction. The featured artists are Peter Adsett, Craig Easton, Denise Green, PJ Hickman, Robin Kingston, Aaron Martin, Antonia Sellbach and Peter Summers. Curated by Jeremy Gales.'

Originally posted as a feature exhibition on RNPG (Reductive, Nonobjective Private Gallery) FB.