Inga Dalrymple

Inga Dalrymple, Morning Table. Acrylic on canvas, 75x75 cm.
 Inga Dalrymple, I sense your presence. Acrylic and collage on board, 30x30 cm.
Images reproduced from Harris Courtin Gallery Website.

The small abstractions of Inga Dalrymple are currently on show at the Harris Courtin Gallery, Sydney. There is a sense of intimacy in these paintings which suggest daily domestic life; a morning table, a jug. This humble subject matter belies an intelligent use of form, colour and mark making. It is fresh work revealing a real joy in the process of discovery. There is reference to Howard Hodgkin who also evokes places and domestic situations via an abstract methodology. 

Dalrymple studied at that National Art School and has been a finalist in several group shows and prizes including the Waverly Art Prize.