Peter Pilven

Peter Pilven, Sculptural Form, 2008. Hand built clay, alumina glaze, 32x34 cm (approx).
 Peter Pilven, Sentinel 1, 2008. Hand built clay, wood-fired, 52x38 cm. 
Images reproduced from Stefano's Gallery 25, Mildura, March, 2010.

Peter Pilven's ceramic work has been typified by his ongoing interest in history and the effects of time on objects. Whilst many of the forms he works with are readily recognizable as a bottle, or a bowl, other enclosed forms appear as human artifacts or relics which can convey an ambiguity of function.

'I have always had an absorbing interest in history, particularly pre-European and local history. My ceramic works are partially inspired by reflective ruminations of the past and also my need for a means of mute but poignant expression.' Peter Pilven.

Pilven has a home studio in Ballarat. He is also currently the Studio-Co-ordinator and Lecturer in Ceramics at the University of Ballarat. Pilven is widely trained, including studies under the tutorage of John Gilbert at the Edinborough Pottery, 1972-75. He has participated in many important national group exhibitions and solo exhibitions including Three Decades of Clay, 2002, Ballarat Fine Art Gallery. His work is in many state  public collections including the City of Whitehorse, Ballarat Fine Art Gallery, Bendigo Fine Art Gallery and the Shepparton Regional Gallery.