The Home Show

Que des femmes/Only women
Melbourne virtual satellite 'The home show'
Hosted by Art Thoughts AU at Yarra Bend Gallery
September 22 - 19 November
Curated by Terri Brooks and Louise Blyton
International curator Billy Gruner
Bienniale Curator Roland Orepuk

Rose Moxham (qld), Marlene Sarroff (nsw), Suzan Shutan (us), Louise Gresswell
Irene Barberis, Jennifer Joseph, Wilma Tabacco, Louise Blyton, Karen Schifano (us)
Anna Caione, Emma Langridge, Suzie Idiens (nsw), Susan Buret (nsw)
Bogumila Strojna (fr), Danielle Lescot (fr), Connie Goldman (us), Sarah Robson (nsw)
Munira Naqui (us), Wendy Kelly, Terri Brooks

Melbourne is one of the most locked down cities in the world due to Covid-19. When Billy Gruner invited Terri Brooks and Louise Blyton to host the 6th international biennale of non objective art the artists hatched a plan. ‘The Home Show’ is a virtual group exhibition of twenty leading women abstract artists.

The interiors:

Suzie Idiens, Untitled (Black Pair), 2013,
ply and acrylic, 25 x 50 x 5 cm.

Wilma Tabacco, Small Excavation (selected works), 2015,
acrylic on canvas panel, 15.2 x 30.3 cm each.

Munira Naqui, Harvest Moon, 2017, pigment,
encaustic wax on wood, 20 x 15 cm.

Suzan Shutan, Galls, c2016,
tar roofing paper, pom poms, 34 x 22 cm.

Karen Schifano, Untitled, 2013,
acrylic on panel, 15 x 19 cm.

Emma Langridge, Disrupt III, 2020,
enamel / acrylic on wood, 29 x 21 cm.

Susan Buret, Flutter, 2010,
acrylic on birch panel, 20 x 15 cm.

Anna Caione, La Mamma Disperso, 2020,
mixed media, acrylic paint, 40 x 12 cm.

Terri Brooks, White Paint, 2021,
oil on paper, 27 x 20 x 12 cm. (ceramics Kris Coad).

Wendy Kelly, Traverse, 2016-7,
acrylic, oil and thread on canvas, 61 x 51 cm. (Bowl Ruth Levine).

Photography Louise Blyton and Terri Brooks.