Suzan Buret

6th international biennale of non objective art
Que des femmes/Only women
Melbourne virtual satellite
Hosted by Art Thoughts AU at Yarra Bend Gallery
September 22 - 19 November

Stolen Geometry

'On a clear autumn day, I walk along a cypress-lined ridge into a garden filled with a riotous discord of roses, marigolds, dahlias and zinnias. Sunlight glints on the water jets of rows of fountains. I walk on paths patterned with inlaid stones and continue on to find myself inside the richly tessellated surfaces of the Nasrid Palace. These walls within the red fortress, El Alhambra, in Granada, Spain are covered with the geometric pattern.

My works are informed by stolen geometry from these gardens of love that I continue to visit in my dreams.' Susan Buret, July 2021