Marlene Sarroff

6th international biennale of non objective art
Que des femmes/Only women
Melbourne virtual satellite
Hosted by Art Thoughts AU at Yarra Bend Gallery
September 22 - 19 November

Marlene Sarroff is a Sydney based artist. With a Bachelor of Art Theory from the University of New South Wales Art and Design 1991 - 94 (previously COFA) and Master of Art 2006/7 Sydney College of Art, University of Sydney Her practice extends across several disciplines including 3D Sculpture, wall works, photography, assemblage, painting, and an experimental installation practice. Exhibiting continuously over the past 25 years, with over 20 solo exhibitions and numerous group exhibitions, both in Australia and Internationally.

Experimentation is the essential element that drives the work. Using a minimal and reductive aesthetic, abstract ideas merge equally with the materials found from urban industrial environments. Taken out of their original context, and deprived of their original status, the working process is a journey of unpredictability, intuition and impulsive play. The works are reintroduced in a new context. Materials are discovered more than sourced and corrugated cardboard, bubble wrap, rubber, elastic, tape, foam board are some of the materials repurposed. The material dictates the action performed to bring the work into being. Folding, wrapping, winding, stacking, assemblage are some of the processes employed. A key element in the process is to be guided by the persuasiveness of the material and by freeing the “things” by dissociation, estranging them, removing them from their context.

A Constellation (Abstracted) 2021, 19 stretched canvases, assemblage, approx 110 x 80 cms (size variable).