Jennifer Joseph

6th international biennale of non objective art
Que des femmes/Only women
Melbourne virtual satellite
Hosted by Art Thoughts AU at Yarra Bend Gallery
September 22 - 19 November

Artist portrait, photograph Michael Meneghetti.

When asked what my painting is about I like to reply... it's not about anything. It just is. The meaning in my art is to be found in the physicality of the materials used and the marks made. It's not a description of anything. The 'meaning', as in life, is within itself.

My concern has always been with the transitory nature of reality, the fragility of the path of life and death. In painting, works on paper and collage I explore impermanence in the process of making. And often reveal this process in the finished work. All my art is executed at great speed following hours of quiet, still contemplation in the studio. I find long periods of contemplation necessary to be in a totally focused state of mind. I've always experienced art-making as becoming part of the painting, of 'painting from the inside.' Towards this end, to enable and nourish my art practice I live nocturnally.

Why would we say goodbye, 2017, 100 x 164cm (irregular).
 (Jennifer Joseph is represented by Niagara Galleries, Melbourne), photograph Andrew Curtis.