Bogumila Strojna

6th international biennale of non objective art
Que des femmes/Only women
Melbourne virtual satellite
Hosted by Art Thoughts AU at Yarra Bend Gallery
September 22 - 19 November

The cubic form (cube, square, rectangle) constitutes a constraint of my work, which is at the same time its formal framework, constantly transgressed, to invest the space, which is the real subject of my creations.

I introduce nevertheless a new element of transformation, which is the act of folding. Thus the flat forms become three-dimensional.

Folding has been used throughout the history of art from antiquity to the present day. Initially used in the representation of the body, but also in the representation of space, currently present in architecture, sculpture, painting as such.

I use it in a minimal way, to initiate the movement and thus the volume, and to introduce the reverse of the right side, and the infinity of the action of unfolding.