Ron Gorchov


Pierrot, 1979, oil on linen canvas, 152 × 152 cm (Artsy)

‘Since 1967, Gorchov created canvases that are curved in such a way that they arc away from the wall, jutting toward the viewer in a manner that lends them a sculptural quality. Sometimes, the paintings appeared in monumental stacks, running up tall walls. Works of the kind have accrued a cult following in New York, where Gorchov was long based, with curator Robert Storr among his most vocal proponents.’ Artnews website 

Ron Gorchov

I was fortunate to see Gorchov’s work at Frieze Art Fair, London, 2015. It didn’t disappoint. I particularly love his singular focus over a lifetime leading to completely original work. 

Installation image, Cheim and Read

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