Germano Celant

Italian art critic 1940-2020

Veneto Uno, Milan.

‘Celant is most closely affiliated with arte povera, a term he coined in 1967 for the association of avant-garde artists who made meaning from mundane materials and challenged art’s symbolic function, formal conventions, and commodity status in postwar Italian culture.’ Excerpt artnet

Prada Foundation, Milan.

‘In 1997, he curated the Venice Biennale, and also held roles as a curator at the Guggenheim, a contributing editor of Artforum and Interview magazines, and was the artistic director of the Prada Foundation in Milan at the time of his death.’ Excerpt artnet

Yves Klein, La Vague, 1957 at the Prada Foundation.

It was an 'art' changing event for me to go to Rome in 2013 and see Modern Italian art and later in 2015 to see the Prada Foundation with Adriano Pascquali. Italian Modern and Contemporary art is amongst the best in the world.