Helga Groves

Patterns from the heart of a planet 
Last day 

Fallen Star series #8, 2019, laser cut Perspex, 63 x 91 cm

Patterns from the heart of a planet, 2019, oil and wax on canvas, 120 x 120 cm
Installation image

'Rocks are verbs, writes Marcia Bjornerud in ‘Timefulness’, her account of geology’s study of earth’s planetary history. By offering visible evidence of processes — eruption, accretion, growth — rocks make time legible. Like Bjornerud, Helga Groves reads time’s legibility in the surfaces and markings of stone, transforming them into abstract images and sculptural forms...' Ingrid Periz, Slow Moving Structures, Helga Groves exhibition essay 2018.

Images and text Sutton Gallery Website.