Matisse and Diebenkorn

Museum of Baltimore
SFMOMA San Fransisco

Installation view of “Matisse/Diebenkorn”, 2016–17, L-R, Diebenkorn, 1972, Ocean Park #5,
Matisse, 1914,View of Notre Dame at the Baltimore Museum

Featuring 100 works by the two artists this exhibition explored the inspiration Richard Diebenkorn found in the paintings of Henri Matisse. Consideration of Matisse’s use of colour and subject matter are evident in Diebenkorn’s earlier work while the lineal and saturated field of Mattise’s abstraction ‘View of Notre Dame’ 1914 influenced Diebenkorn’s most celebrated ‘Ocean Park’ series.

Diebenkorn, 1969, Ocean Park #24

Matisse, 1914, View of Notre Dame

Acknowledging influence