Cathy Blanchflower
Vivian Copper Smith
Bryan Spier
Karl Wiebke
curated by Emma Langridge
To Feb 16
Five Walls
Galleries 1 & 2
Suite 2, level 1 / 119 Hopkins St, Footscray
Open Wed-Sat 12-5pm

Bryan Spier 

Painting by Cath Blanchflower
L-R: Aaron Martin (founder of Five Walls), Peter Summers and Misuzu Ueda.

‘A limen is the threshold or boundary which marks the transition from one space to another.
The four artists in this exhibition each capture a narrow yet penetrable visual territory, articulated variously via colour, form, line, and texture. This shallow, but nonetheless perceivable space, forms a stratum beyond the work’s surface, confounding the fullness of pictorial depth.’ Emma Langridge.

Vivian Copper Smith photo Emma Langridge.

Karl Wiebke

Karl Wiebke

Liminal is the first in a series of Guest and Committee curated group shows in 2019.