Monochrome: Empty and Full

Margaret Lawrence Gallery
4 May - 2 June 
VCA School of Art

Curated by David Sequeira

Monochrome with Ian Wells

A few selected works:

Rose Nolan, A Small Orange Constructed Work, 1994,
oil paint, cardboard, dressmaking cotton, glue and metal tacks. 
Courtesy Anna Swartz Gallery.

David Serisier, Untitled Black Vertical 1, 2002, oil on linen. Courtesy Charles Nodrum Gallery.

Allan Mitelman, Untitled, 1983, oil on panel. Courtesy Charles Nodrum Gallery.

Over 30 artists explore the idea of colour as its own entity – a kind of presence, connected with form but not beholden to it, that has the capacity to both embody and conjure a range of meanings, associations and emotions.