Abstraction Twenty Eighteen - Five Walls

Five Walls Hall

Curated by Steven Wickham.
Selected works:

Adrian de Giorgio ‘Shadowplay’
Acrylic on Tasmanian oak coverstrap on board.

L-R Donna Comfort ‘’Proto Type’ 2018, Steel construction.
Magda Cebokli, Light Painting #2 2008, Acrylic on canvas.
Aaron Martin, Double Monochrome (cadmium orange) 2018,
 oil and epoxy enamel on linen.

Chris Packer ‘Pythia’ 2017 Gesso on cotton tape on canvas.

Troy Innocent, Non-Objective World 68, 2018, laser cut plywood
and acrylic on hardboard with playable augmented reality.

Adrian De Vries, Lily Pads, 2018, Gouache, plaster on steel hooks.