Doug Wright

'Veil', recent water colour on paper, 24 x 37.5 cm.

Large recent painting...

'Near Newlyn' 2016, oil on linen 150 x 150 cm.

'Cooling' 2010, encaustic on linen 117 x 92 cm.

Dough Wright.

Doug Wright, b 1944. Former lecturer in painting at the University of Ballarat. A colourist, I often think with a European palette. The work is landscape derived, the best examples having a 'presence' in person. His out put is varied at times but this represents a genuine enquiry into intuitive painting.
'I feel in my work that I struggle to find a correspondence with the world, to put yourself into the greater nature and to engender a sense of being able to empty and fill space. I set about loosing oneself in the process of painting and try to reach a heightened state in search of a different and somewhat profound insight.' Doug Wright, Australian artist.