8-26 February, 2017
312 Johnston St, Abbotsford

T J Bateson, Soft White Iteration, linocut, 77 x 233 cm.

Louise Bylton, Flayed Anew I, II, III, silkscreen on linen, 21 x 31 cm.

Malini Maunsell, monoprints, size varies.

Diana Orinda Burns, Line Formations #2, collagraph, 76 x 116 cm

Jodi Heffernan, Coastal Edge, silk screen with printed Tulle 30 x 30 cm (image).

Standing room only at the Editions opening last night at Tacit

Curated by Keith Lawrence, 'Editions' at Tacit Contemporary Art, Melbourne, is an annual exhibition now in its fifth year. The show celebrates the work of over forty Victorian based printmakers. The exhibition encompasses all the gallery spaces at Tacit and covers a broad spectrum of trends in printmaking. It's a diverse exhibition sure to please as works range from intimate figurative studies to large scale abstract works. The approaches to printmaking represent current technologies in silk screen, lino cut, etching, monoprints and colographs. The surfaces printed upon often stretch the traditions of printmaking including various papers, materials and even linen. The framing was also experimental with many works forgoing the traditional mount and glass frames.