Johnnie Winona Ross

Corn Creek Seeps 01, 2010. Burnt bone, graphite/paint burnished on bleached linen, 153 x 145 cm.

Black Creek Seeps, 2009. Acrylic on burnished linen, 92 x 87 cm.
Images Reproduced from Stephen Haller Gallery, New York.

"....Repeating the mark, or the drip, scraping, burnishing, builds a physical history within the painting …… when you see worn stone steps, whether at an Anasazi site, or the Met, it is interesting to consider the scores of people that have used or are using the steps in roughly the same way; or seeing the keys on an old piano, worn with use. You realize that you are just part of the stream of history, a large or small part, but you are only  moving  through.”     Johnnie Winona Ross
Text reproduced from Kate Beck :: Art Notes