Vanessa Oter

Vanessa Oter, Everything is as it should be, 2010. Stitching and paint on drop sheet, 60x60 cm.

Vanessa Oter, Muha, 2010. Stitching, material and paint on drop sheet, 60x60 cm.
Images courtesy of the artist.

The annual Exploration Exhibition, now in its 10th year, is currently on at Flinders Lane Gallery, Melbourne. Each year the curatorial team select emerging artists for this group exhibition. In this new series of paintings by artist, Vanessa Oter, 'materials at hand' are recycled while returning to familial territory. Creating painterly stitches, influenced by her mother's tapestries, Oter has sewn her way across the randomly spotted and marked drop sheets her father, a commercial painter and decorator, no longer requires.

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